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Episode 3: Celebrate No Pants Day With the Best Lazy Day Wine

Episode 3: Celebrate No Pants Day With the Best Lazy Day Wine

A glass of Vinho Verde sitting by a pool on a sunny day. Vinho Verde is a great lazy day wine!

May 7 is No Pants Day, and I think it’s time we give ourselves a break and celebrate our laziness. Read on, and don’t get dressed, because I am celebrating this weird holiday with some great suggestions for lazy day wine!

I think that No Pants Day is probably the perfect holiday for this pandemic, it’s basically been no pants year. Am I right, or am I right? We’ve been shaming ourselves for our lack of motivation. Let’s embrace and celebrate it instead. These wines can help you not only be lazy, but proud of it too!

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Firstly, I want to give some history on No Pants Day. Then, I will introduce my friends: the mini Champagne, bottle pre made sangria, and Vinho Verde, all the way from Portugal.

A Quick History of No Pants Day

So how did No Pants Day start anyway? Well, gives some possible history on this weird holiday. It likely started in the 1980s when college students wanted to rebel and celebrate the end of final exams by taking off their pants and walking around in their underwear.

That’s a…very interesting way to celebrate the end of the school year…

These wine suggestions are for celebrating No Pants Day privately in your home. If you want to celebrate this holiday in public, that is your business. Just make sure to follow local laws!

Lazy Day Wine #1: The Mini Champagne Bottle

Let’s begin with my first suggestion: the mini Champagne bottle. This is a 187 milliliter sized bottle to be exact, of any Champagne or sparkling wine. 187 milliliters is a little over six ounces, so this would be like a nice big pour of one glass of wine, because a typical wine pour (one glass) is five ounces. I’ve seen a big selection at my local Total Wine, and yes, I’ve seen a few bottles of this size for sale as at Walgreens as well.

Now, why do I say “any Champagne or sparkling wine?” Well, there’s actually a big difference.

A selection of 187 and 375 ml sparkling wine bottles on display. The 187 ml bottles are great lazy day wines.
As you can see, there is a pretty decent selection of small sparkling wine bottles at this Total Wine.

Champagne is a sparkling wine. But, with the exception of a few old California brands grandfathered in when the US recognized this law, French law says Champagne can only come from a specific region in France: the Champagne region. Any sparkling wine made elsewhere cannot be called Champagne.

These little six+ ounce bottles hold just enough wine to indulge yourself by drinking straight out of the bottle without overindulging! Yes, straight out of the bottle! Furthermore, you can make all kinds of food pairings with sparkling wine. Say you want to stay home on No Pants Day and watch a movie. Believe it or not, sparkling wine pairs perfectly with popcorn! Pop your popcorn, pop in a movie, pop that cork, and pop off your pants! What more could you need in life?

Did you know sparkling wine pairs great with other crunchy snacks like Hot Cheetos? Listen to my fifth episode to learn more!

While sparkling wine pairs perfectly with popcorn, let’s get creative and pair with the mood. Maybe you’re not wearing pants because you both want to be lazy and stay cool in this hot weather. That’s where Sangria comes in…

Lazy Day Wine #2: Pre-Made Sangria

Champagne is the perfect option if you want to stay home and watch a movie. But if you want to be lazy and stay cool at the same time, then sangria is the perfect refresher for you. It’s flavorful, fun and easy to drink. But I don’t want you drinking any old sangria, no no no! I don’t want you to cut up a bunch of oranges and lemons, soak them in brandy, and mix it all up with club soda and wine. That takes time and effort. That takes work! I want you to be unapologetically lazy. That’s why we have bottles of pre-made sangria.

You’re not wearing pants, xo you won’t be out in public, judged for drinking the pre-made stuff.

Or perhaps more importantly, you won’t be judged for your…lack of pants.

Again if you want to celebrate this holiday in public, that is your business. Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that those signs on restaurant doors only say: “No shirt, no shoes, no service? They never mention anything about pants…

Lazy Day Wine #3: Vinho Verde

Sangria is refreshing. And you can drink it with or without food. But what if you want something lighter than sangria? Something you don’t have to worry about pairing with food at all? Well, let me introduce you to Vinho Verde, one of my favorite wines all the way from Portugal. Vinho Verde is like hard Seltzer, but much classier. If you’re not having wine with a meal, or any other type of food, Master of Wine and editor of the Oxford Companion to Wine Jancis Robinson suggests that you find something low in alcohol. Well, this light white wine is a little fizzy, pretty cheap, low in alcohol. It has some lime and peach flavor to it, and therefore it’s very refreshing. Most of all, you can still impress all your friends by telling them that you love fancy Portuguese Wine!

Wine is traditionally paired with food, so there are some great pairings with Vinho Verde. I want to do an entire episode on being Vinho Verde in the coming weeks, especially as summer rolls right around the corner. But today I will give one of my favorite food pairing options for this wine: shrimp tacos with lots of lime.

If you’d like a little more info on Vinho Verde, check out my blog post on the best summer white wines.


To sum up, whether you’re watching a movie, or just sitting out by the pool, you’ve got some great options for celebrating your laziness. We have the 197 milliliter, or just over six ounce, many bottles of sparkling wine, which you can indulge yourself just drinking straight out of the bottle with little guilt, the pre made sangria, a refreshing drink without all the work of a homemade sangria. And finally, being your birthday. Another great wine that you can drink on hot days, with or without food. Have fun and enjoy your lazy day wine!

Thank you so much for listening. If you liked what I had to say, please hit that follow button, go ahead, hit it. Also, DM me on Instagram with your wine questions. If I use your question in an episode, I will give you a shout out. That is it for this episode. As always, please be responsible with your choices when drinking alcohol. Have fun, but don’t be a jerk! Cheers!

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